How to protect yourself from Identity Theft.

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Identity theft has been the  #1 reported crime to the FTC for the last 16 yrs. and technology just makes it easier.

Hi My name is Rob Edgar and I am your identity theft solutions agent!

You can choose to ignore this trend just like you can choose to ignore low air in your tire or health coverage until it is needed, or you can embrace it and protect yourself before it happens.

When people are in difference situations at different times in their lives their choices are radically different – I get quite a few client’s not interested reply’s today;

However, if this situation were to take away your income, your cushy job, harm your family or your way of life then what will you do? Do you know it takes between 6 months to a few years to recover from identity theft?…always have a plan B and C folks – life happens.

These are some of the same reply’s we all get in the field when the same people that didn’t want life insurance have a family member die or who have never had Cancer in their family, so they believe they won’t ever get Cancer…it’s revolutionary how their thinking is altered shortly their after.  As Insurance agents, we all know the drill!

Nearly 10 million Americans have their identity stolen every year. Don’t be one of them.

If you have questions and need answers or just want more information, feel free to call me to set up a no cost/ no obligation appointment.  

I look forward to serving you.

Rob Edgar


4831 Augusta Rd Suite F

Garden City Ga 31408


Author: RobDEdgar

My name is Rob Edgar and I am a local health and life insurance agent in Savannah GA, Rincon GA, Richmond Hill GA, Brunswick GA, Hinesville GA, Augusta GA, Bluffton SC, Hilton Head SC, Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas. Please visit my website; or please free to call me for a no-cost, no-obligation Appointment Today, (912) 660-5236.

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